Sessions – Volume One

The Homeschool Marketing Expo - perfect for any business, (brand or blog) trying to reach homeschoolers with a unique message. Grow in 2015!

Successful Sponsorships (Cheryl Pitt)

Considering sponsoring a blogger for an event?  Have you sponsored before and been disappointed with the results?  Blogger sponsorship can be a win-win for both parties with the right plan.  We’ll discuss tips, tricks and strategies for sponsoring a blogger and getting the results you want.

Establishing Trust and Authority in the Homeschool Market (Cheryl Pitt)

Lean what it takes to not only catch the attention of the homeschool market, but to hold their attention as well.  To lead a niche, you must have authority.  To drive sales, you must hold your patrons’ trust.  But what does trust and authority mean online?  How do you go about establishing these assets?  With Cheryl, you’ll explore these questions and gain insight to the demands of the current homeschool market.

Leveraging Pinterest to Promote Your Brand (Tabitha Philen)

Is Pinterest here to stay or just a flash in the pan? Can it be used by businesses? Does it have any bearing on how people view your brand or your site or blog? In this informative session, Tabitha shares her research, her experience, and most of all her enjoyment of of growing her Pinterest into a large, viral following of pinners and pins.

What’s Your Sign? Trademarks, Slogans & Logos (Susan Spann)

Come learn about trademarks, logos and slogans with business and intellectual property attorney Susan Spann. The one-hour class covers trademark creation, use, protection and registration. Real-world examples will help you learn how to take advantage of this essential “consumer shorthand” and protect your right

Zero to 100,000 in 6 Months ~ How-to Explode Your Blog (Kim Sorgius)

How can I grow my blog? It’s the million dollar question with a million different answers. SEO? Pinterest? Paid advertising? A presence on all social platforms? Join Kim as we look at the tactics that exploded her blog in a matter of months. Don’t be fooled, blogging is hard work and there is no magic formula, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how you can explode your subscriber list, fan base, and pageviews with an active community!

Net Etiquette & Getting the Right Respose (Felice Gerwitz)

The response you want is sales, right? There are a few things savvy sellers know and few do it correctly. Rather than spamming your customers or potential customers, learn these quick net-etiquette rules and watch your popularity online improve. This seminar includes:

  • How to lose email subscribers
  • Ways to get positive response
  • What is considered “spam
  • The best way to lose your Facebook account.
  • The best way to get kicked off on LinkedIn

The good news is the do’s are easy and the don’t can be avoided! You won’t want to miss this informative sessions.

Writing An Epic Email Blast (Lorrie Flem)

How long does it take you to write ad copy? Why do specific ads work better than others? Here you will find the details necessary to write ads that impact your bottom line. Whether you purchase a blast through an email group or write ad copy for a magazine this session will help you hone those skills with fresh ideas of what really work.

How to Develop Quality Curricula & Books Reviewers Will Love (LeaAnn Garfias)

What distinguishes a book that families treasure through the years? What sets one curriculum apart from others? What’s the difference between products that get fabulous reviews and those that don’t? Lea Ann Garfias, a product review manager, shares tips and valuable information that will help you make important decisions as you create books and develop curricula.

Getting People to Your Website or Blog and Keeping Them There (Tara Ziegmont)

The world of search engine optimization, social media tools and interaction websites can cause even the most tech-savvy person to throw up their hands in defeat. What happens if a customer eventually gets to your website? Then what? Enter Tara Ziegmont to the rescue. Tara will discuss not only how to get customers to your site but how to keep them there.

Social Media Working For You (Felice Gerwitz)

Learn short-cuts and tools that will keep your social media time down to a minimum while appearing like you are online all day long. These unique tips will launch your website, blog, product or service to the front of the line and save you additional time and resources. Felice Gerwitz has used social media for over ten years, teaches classes on the topic. This session explores not only the basics, a thumb-nail sketch but asks you to explore the way you do business and which platform will work the best for you. Topics covered are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, and  YouTube.

Google Plus: Not Just Another Social Media Platform (Jimmie Lanley)

Google Plus is a social network with SEO (search engine optimization) power unlike that of any other platform. If you want to improve your position in the SERPS (search engine results page), this easy tool is a key. Learn why you absolutely must be on Google Plus and how to leverage this tool.

Become a Sought After Convention Speaker (Felice Gerwitz)

Would you like the opportunity to speak at local homeschool conventions, support group meetings, state conventions, regional conventions or online webinars? Learn the difference from delivering a product infomercial or a quality seminar that will have the convention directors inviting you back. Information includes how to create a speaker pack, with specific details, how to use a hook, and how to seamless incorporate your book, service or product into the presentation.

Finding Influencers In Social Media to Champion Your Products (Jimmie Lanley)

Learn how to find and choose bloggers that are a perfect fit for your product or service. Discover what bloggers really want and how to pitch an offer they will love.

The IRS Doesn’t Send Email & Other Tax Tips from a CPA (Carol Topp)

The Nuts and Bolts of Dollars and Sense. Carol  shares her expertise as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a homeschool vendor. She offers practical advice to business owners—nuts and bolts information on names, numbers and business structures. And covers some helpful information on the dollars and cents affecting sellers to the home eduction market, specifically paying sales tax and attending homeschool conventions.

Writing for Fun and Profit (Felice Gerwitz)

Felice explores the world of writing specifically for the home education market with an understanding of the value of the niche marketing approach. How is your product better, faster, easier, and head and shoulders above the competition? Do you know your competition? This session is based on Felice’s best selling book in the Information in a Nutshell Series: Writing and Publishing.

Interview with Cathy Duffy – Reviews and Email Blasts (Cathy Duffy)

In this interview, Felice Gerwitz talks to Cathy Duffy asking her to share information about the review process and the qualities necessary to become one of the Top 101 Curriculum Picks. Cathy shares her growing email list as well as the ways that keep people engaged. This session has been pre-recorded specifically for this seminar.

T.A.M.E. – Taming and Managing Your Paper and Email  (Marnie Swedberg)

TAME ~ Touch, Assess, Manage, Eliminate
Discover a unique system for paper and emailmanagement that Marnie has used for years to stay sane while managing her home, homeschool, family restaurant, family retail store and espresso cafe, plus dozens of websites generating millions of hits per year.