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Creation is a study of the world around you, and as a homeschool, Christian mom it is very important to me to start young when introducing my children to the study of God’s Creation!

Perhaps you are like me and want your children to get a firm grasp of God’s wonder and glory and find a true appreciation of your faith by studying the world …

Let me introduce myself, my name is Felice Gerwitz (you can read more about me below!)

…I asked my friend, Tom DeRosa of the Creation Studies Institute to present classes online.

This class Investigate the Possibilities is for upper elementary and middle grades. Mr. Tom DeRosa has expertise, in teaching all ages of children in science. Your students will learn science with a firm Biblical Creationist perspective using a hands-on experimentation, demonstration and excitement that Tom brings to the subject which he so obviously enjoys.

Value for your dollar!

As a long-time homeschool parent, I understand the value of a good education at a reasonable price, therefore this class is only $10 per class session for the entire family.

Here is how it all works:

Video Class on your computer. No special equipment. One 1-Hour Class

Classes have all been recorded and are available for immediate download!

Class SET One: Forces and Motion & Matter based upon these two books by Master Books Publishers DeRosa/Reeves


  1. Sign up and make your one time payment
  2. Receive class details on how to obtain the On Demand recordings.
  3. Handouts, and timely information will be provided with each class on our members only website.
  4. Audios are available to download on your computer
  5. Video is available to watch from the website

Our classes are over, however you can still obtain these audios! Hurry this discount won’t laste.


~ Your host, Felice Gerwitz

Felice Gerwitz
Author, Publisher
Class Host

Felice is an author, homeschool mom and owner of Media Angels, Inc., and host of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. Please visit Felice on her website: http://www.MediaAngels.com for more information about products, books or classes. Felice hosts audio classes as well and will host a Geology Class in 2013. For details sign up for the expo eGroup and receive a free audio EACH time I send out a group email!

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Tom DeRosa

About Tom DeRosa

Tom was in seminary when he first started to believe the lie. He was convinced that he could not mix faith with science. He decided that he had to drop one or the other, so he did. He left the seminary and church, and soon became a devout atheist and dedicated evolutionist. He thought he threw away his faith, but in reality had only found a new religion: Evolution.

In 1978, he had a life changing experience by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of his life. Since then, he has studied the area of Creation thoroughly at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church under Dr. D. James Kennedy’s leadership. He has enthusiastically shared his testimony and given Creation Seminars with great zeal in churches throughout the country. He believes the creation message changes people’s lives, by breaking down the barriers that can keep them from Christ. Tom was a dedicated evolutionist. However, he is now a creationist, because of what Jesus Christ did for him. He is committed to break down those barriers in other people’s lives and to fill believers with the knowledge that will allow them to do the same.

It is Tom’s desire to use his knowledge in Science to show others that Faith and Science CAN mix. That in fact, they complement one another beautifully. Tom has published an easy-to-understand book entitled, “Evidence for Creation,” that attests to this very truth. He has also written the book, “Evolution’s Fatal Fruit: How Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions,” which shows how through the theory of evolution, Darwin lied to the world and caused millions to lose focus as to our origin, and the love of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Six Class x $10 per class ~ $60.00

Buy now for a savings! $54.95

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