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Instructor ~ Woody Wilson


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Do you desire to teach your children a LOVE of country, patriotism and the facts that made our country the GREATEST nation in the world? Join Woody Wilson and your host, Felice Gerwitz for these weekly two hour sessions.

Students of all ages have successfully taken this class!

This class was recorded live however it is only available in REPLAY format – if you ever have any American History related questions Professor Wilson is available two times per month (or via email) – he and Felice are the hosts of the Current Issues and the Constitution Show – live. Wednesdays at 1:00 PM EDT

Below you will find information about the BEST class in American History your kids will ever take. Our instructor Woody Wilson is a TWO time winner of American History Teacher of the Year in West Virginia. Loved by students (even homeschool students) and teachers alike! Mr. Wilson brings his love of American History to each class along with his deep patriotism for the USA! Mr. Wilson served in the Viet Nam War and is currently a retired teacher. Additionally he is a relative of Felice’s the owner of Media Angels, Inc.

This Class Includes:

  • Two hours per week taught by Mr. Wilson
  • Video Classes each wee
  • 31 Classes of Fabulous Facts of American History
  • 31 Classes of Presidential Events
  • Questions and Answers Recorded from Class
  • Handouts Included
  • Extensive Reading List for students of American History
  • Essay Rubrics
  • Further Research for AP Level Students
  • USA Timeline
  • American History Time Line
  • American Presidents Run Chart
  • Optional 28 page multiple choice final exam (and answer key)
  • and more!

Carefully read over the class description and listen to this replay to determine if this class is right for your family. Each family member may access the class and the purchase price is PER family, not per student.

Are you part of a Co-Op or School? Please contact Felice for special fees.

Additionally, if you have any questions please contact Felice Gerwitz at Felice(at)mediaangels.com

American Exceptionalism Woody Wilson from Felice on Vimeo.

Sample of Woody Wilson’s American History Class

Class Details

Instructor: Woody Wilson

Professor Woody Wilson

Want to teach your children a love of country, patriotism and the facts that made our country the GREATEST nation in the world? Join Woody Wilson and your host, Felice Gerwitz for these weekly two hour sessions.

Each Weekly Class:

Session One: Fabulous Facts: Facts that made history great one hour

Session Two: PresEvents: Events in the life of American Presidents one hour

Total Classes 31 Days for one credit in American History for High School

Click here for a more in depth view of the techniques that will be used in the course.

These interactive classes are one hour apiece brought to you via video. You can watch these on your time with your entire family. The class price is per FAMILY not child! While this is a highschool level class your younger, higher end children in middle school can enjoy this as well.


Bonus: information is provided for high school students who seek to take the AP History and CLEP.

On Demand Classes

All Classes are recorded, edited an uploaded.

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