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Carol Topp, CPA graces the cover of Pen & Profits! This is especially exciting for me because I’m Carol’s publisher for the book, “Business Tips and Taxes for Writers.” I have to say, I’ve used this book myself and refer to it often when wondering if I should save a particular receipt or as a reminder that, yes, mileage is indeed worth tracking for business.

Carol has straddled both sides of the fence, as a self-publisher with her series on Micro-Business for Teens and now as a published author with Media Angels, Inc. Interestingly, Carol has shot a pilot for the PBS station in Ohio on the topic of Micro Business for Teens which is an amazing feat for a self-published author. I really think the lines have been blurred and self-publishing no longer has the same stigma that it did in the past.

Carol’s book on business and taxes has been selling like hotcakes on Amazon in the Kindle and print version; and the website Media Angels in various eForm versions, Kindle, Nook and ePub for iPad and iPhone. Truthfully the print version has outsold the eVersion which has been a surprise for me.

Here’s what I’ve found. The consensus seems to be that print products are purchased hands down for a book that will be a resource and fiction will be purchased in an electronic version over print because you only read it one time. I’m interested in your thoughts on this topic. Which would you buy a print or a digital product of a non-fiction book. A winner will be chosen at random to receive a  digital copy of your choice from one of the comments left below. So be sure to leave me your thoughts!


11 thoughts on “Carol Topp, CPA Cover Girl

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  2. i finally decided to write a comment on your blog. i just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thumbs up.

  3. I love to read books on my iPad. Fiction books. I think, for a book I am using as a reference, I would prefer paperback. I like to dog ear pages, hi-lite, and I DO love the smell and feel of a paper book in my hand anyway!

  4. I prefer audio because I like to read while I drive. Now that I have a car stereo with a USB port, I’d like to see books sold on flash drives. Maybe one of those cool little ones that look like a necklace.

  5. I love to read paperbacks and feel the book in my hands, but I love the convenience of an ebook so I always have it with me. I would generally choose a book now if given a choice.

  6. Hi Carol. I’m responding to your question on Fb Christian Authors & Writers.

    I prefer a paperback over an ebook in both non-fiction and fiction. Non-fiction for the reasons you noted. I often mark it up, underline certain passages, and refer back to it. I like the feel of a book. I realize e-readers are transportable, but they’re sensitive to certain situations. For instance, they must be charged and if I left it out in a public setting, an unsavory person might steal it. I’m unconcerned about this happening with a paperback. I also enjoy passing books onto friends and to co-workers. If it’s something I’ve enjoyed, I believe someone else will enjoy it too. Few of my friends own e-readers of any kind, fewer still want to read a book on their computers. So, I vote for paperbacks all the way. To be fair, I’m not an e-book hater. 😉 I have a non-fiction book available as a paperback and ebook. It has sold well in both categories. Most sales have been of the paperback variety, however. Blessings~ Pamela

  7. I prefer a printed book for both fiction and non-fiction. I like to hold the book in my hands, and turn the pages, and use pretty bookmarks… Someday I’ll be the crazy old lady in town with the huge library, when everyone else has digital books. That said, I’d love to have a kindle to use when I travel, to avoid having to haul along a bag of books!

  8. Thanks for your comments! I am currently JUST in the digital age with an iPad but I have downloaded the Kindle app and looking forward to reading soon!

  9. Wow, for once I was right, and on the correct side of the curve. I like my Kindle for non-fiction so I can ‘dispose’ of the book, but I tend to keep non-fiction around for a long time.

  10. I know I can’t win the prize (I’m the author of Business Tips and Taxes for Writers), but here’s my opinion:

    If the ebook is short enough (under 100 pages), I’ll read it on my Kindle Fire. I do enjoy reading fiction on my Kindle. For long nonfiction, I like to mark in it, highlight passages, and bookmark with post it notes, so I’ll buy paperback.

    Recent example: I’m reading In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith on my Kindle Fire, but I bought a paperback version of Mom Blogging for Dummies.

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