Writing Dreams for 2017

How many of you are planners?

Do you plan your menu? Your vacations? Your writing schedule?

Each of us are different. And we use what works best for us.

But we can always change what we don’t like, can’t we?

I wish I were more organized and dedicated. I’m not. I’m a thinker and a dreamer, more than I am a planner. I enjoy the entire process of researching before I write way too much. In fact I have been researching the entire process of marketing eBooks for some time now. I’ve gathered information, checked facts and found one important thing in common. Marketing is key.

Marketing is key no matter what we do. You can have the best book in the world or the best blog post and if you don’t let anyone know it will languish. Currently the trend is to use social media to blast it out to the world. I do this for so many other things — I tend to forget about my own blog! So, one of the things I’ll be doing is changing this by purposing to grow my blog presence as well as writing new content.

I write often, but in the last two years my writing has centered around my platform, as a speaker. I write seminars that teach. Some are for students and others are for adults. All are time consuming and feature presentation slides — more writing. These types of events require huge media campaigns, parties such as the ones I host on Twitter, or on Facebook, as well as email blasts — yes, more writing. However it isn’t the same as blogging.

So, I’ve decided what I really need is a schedule. A set time to write — a plan. You know, the thing I tend to shun like the plague. I am going to give it a heroic try — to blog regularly. I’ll write about marketing, and about marketing eBooks in particular and many things writing related. The marketing I’ll discuss can apply to printed books as well.

Share with me your ideas, and your writing dreams for this year. I think we should make it happen, don’t you?

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