What is Information in a Nutshell?

Tired of looking through books that are 400+ pages long. Or, asking someone a question only to get a long winded answer (yes, I’m guilty of that one!) Well, look no more. Here is information you can use, FAST…in a nutshell!

Welcome to my aspiring author’s page. If you have considered becoming a published author this is the place to be. Why? Because I hope to be your mentor, someone you can look to for answers and someone whose opinion you can take seriously.

I have many years of experience in the publishing world and believe me; I’ve made my share of mistakes some of them costly. With the information online, much of it for free…who can you trust? I recently worked with an author who claimed their book had been picked up by a publisher. After extending my congratulations, I asked the name of the publisher only to find it was a pay-for Vanity Press: Print On Demand service. Not that all print on demand services are “bad” but some pass themselves off as real publishers wanting your manuscript when in reality you pay to have it published.

Believe me when I tell you that an authentic publisher is not going to pay for a click through link on a website that starts with the heading …”We are looking for people to publish…” They have a slush pile full of people wanting them to publish, and sadly many of those manuscripts will never be noticed. (That’s what I hope to help you avoid.)

So, that’s what this website is all about…all about learning more!