Getting the MOST Our of a Radio Interview

The writing and publishing process is a time consuming endeavor. I’ve spent many posts discussing the importance of having a platform set up before you write the first word. You know, a place to shout from the roof tops to anyone standing long enough to listen about the fact that you wrote a book. This platform can come by way of a blog or a speaking platform, and ideally both.

So, let’s say you’ve written a book, it is published and you want to get the word out by making a circuit via a blog and/or radio shows interviews. Do you have a plan? Rarely have I seen a good media campaign other than those put together by some high-end strategists, namely good public relations or marketing personnel such as a publicist.

Additionally do you know what makes a good interview? How do you make the most of this “on air” time? How do you get the word out? How do you gauge the results of your radio show interviews? Is it by direct sales, use of a coupon code or discount, or your status on social media platforms?

I asked quite a few questions. So let’s tackle a few. Since I host a weekly broadcast for aspiring authors and have for the last few years I feel I have quite a bit of experience in the interviewing process. Rarely does an author take full advantage of the platform at hand.

Let’s discuss what makes a good interview.

  • What you’d like to listen to someone talk about?
  • Think about sharing something interesting, exciting, or a little known fact, how about an insider’s only type of information. Nothing that is silly or sensational will do.
  • Share about your personal journey, why you HAD to write this book.
  • I can guarantee that this talk show host has been known to pull an interview or two off the website if it did not fill the time slot with information worthwhile of a replay. Sure we can talk about the book, where to purchase it and your personal story. Yet, no one tunes in to hear a play-by-play synopsis of the plot or topic of the book. The cliff notes version is fine. The longer pitch is better left in the ad copy or the back copy of the book.

I personally like getting to know the author. One of my favorite questions to ask is about the author’s motivation for writing the book. Another is how the book became published, especially if the author has a traditional or large house publisher. Everyone’s story is a little different and that brings interest to the show.

How do you make the most of your on air time? This is truly up to you. The radio show host will handle some of the publicity but you should help to blast the social media scene with news of the interview. Helping to spread the word will insure that there are people listening to the live event as well as the replays if your host leaves the show up in the archives. Be sure to ask your host for a copy if the replays are not archived on a website for constant access. This is another way of directing people to visit the interview, listen, get to know you and hopefully purchase the book. The ideal way is to spread the word at least eight days before the event.

Remember, success is not the total number of books sold but the experience of getting the word out to the public, building relationships, showing credibility by having an interview air “live” and pointing people back to the show in order to showcase your knowledge and belief in your book or project. Nothing beats an enthusiastic author who is excited about the work and in this way the word of mouth will spread about the book.

Remember the idea is to get the word out and true success is the happiness of a job well done! Social media is the same as an in person event and building relationships is what matter in the end. Have you had an experience with a radio opportunity? If so, share it with us.

Blogger Schedule – That’s What I Need!

Last January I attended an amazing retreat for bloggers. It was on beautiful Sanibel Island, in Florida. They didn’t even need to twist my arm to get there! Actually, I am very blessed. I live a mere 30 minutes from this amazing locale. So, what did I learn?

It is never too late to resurrect a blog!

Yes! I am moving and resurrecting this blog soon – and who did I learn this from? The man who happened to be our Keynote speaker, and the author of Platform, Micheal Hyatt. Michael is an author with the credentials few can claim, Former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson. He understands the publishing market inside and out, and what sells books is visibility … also known as a platform.

Well, I have the platform. I’ve been a podcast host for the past four years on my show for authors, Writing and Publishing and here Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network However, I have been a very part-time blogger. And, thus when this came into my inBox I was delighted!

It turns out my graphic artist happened to create beautifully crafted sheets on tracking, planning and organizing your blog schedule. She asked if I’d take a look — and I did — and I loved it! It was what I was looking for, something I could print out or with a pdf writer, fill in the forms on my computer. It was great…and beautiful. Did I tell you she is a graphic artist?

The Complete Blog Planner Here
I am an author consultant, and Stephanie has worked with me on a number of projects, so it was natural that Stephanie asked me to take a look before she published her book. It had many elements I liked except one. All the pages were individual pdf’s and it laborious for me to find the pages I wanted without printing the entire thing out. But, that was easily fixed and she did a beautiful job in putting this book together. She has forms for everything and now – with this arsenal of forms I’m ready to begin.
So, be looking for this blog to spring anew. I have a directive from Michael Hyatt that I can ressurect this blog again, and from Stephanie that gave me a plan I can follow to blog more regularly, make a plan, and stick to it. IF you are a blogger what do you use? How do you stay focused? Share your tips and tricks with us!
Expert advice for anyone interested in writing a book. Felice is an author, speaker and consultant for aspiring authors. Felice has a weekly podcast on BlogTalk Radio for authors, Information In A Nutshell. Follow Felice on many of the social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or at her website

Writing Dreams for 2017

How many of you are planners?

Do you plan your menu? Your vacations? Your writing schedule?

Each of us are different. And we use what works best for us.

But we can always change what we don’t like, can’t we?

I wish I were more organized and dedicated. I’m not. I’m a thinker and a dreamer, more than I am a planner. I enjoy the entire process of researching before I write way too much. In fact I have been researching the entire process of marketing eBooks for some time now. I’ve gathered information, checked facts and found one important thing in common. Marketing is key.

Marketing is key no matter what we do. You can have the best book in the world or the best blog post and if you don’t let anyone know it will languish. Currently the trend is to use social media to blast it out to the world. I do this for so many other things — I tend to forget about my own blog! So, one of the things I’ll be doing is changing this by purposing to grow my blog presence as well as writing new content.

I write often, but in the last two years my writing has centered around my platform, as a speaker. I write seminars that teach. Some are for students and others are for adults. All are time consuming and feature presentation slides — more writing. These types of events require huge media campaigns, parties such as the ones I host on Twitter, or on Facebook, as well as email blasts — yes, more writing. However it isn’t the same as blogging.

So, I’ve decided what I really need is a schedule. A set time to write — a plan. You know, the thing I tend to shun like the plague. I am going to give it a heroic try — to blog regularly. I’ll write about marketing, and about marketing eBooks in particular and many things writing related. The marketing I’ll discuss can apply to printed books as well.

Share with me your ideas, and your writing dreams for this year. I think we should make it happen, don’t you?

Expert advice for anyone interested in writing a book. Felice is an author, speaker and consultant for aspiring authors. Felice has a weekly podcast on BlogTalk Radio for authors, and while she no longer podcasts there, you will find many great podcasts that are still timely.

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Are You a Real Author?

A book is a book and an author is an author, right?

Well in the not so distant past an author would write a book or proposal, submit it to one or more publishing houses and wait for weeks or months to hear back. After a decent amount of time, around six months, said aspiring author would send out the manuscript, making copies and mailing the documents of course, to another round of publishers and the waiting process would happen all over again.

Flash-forward to the present.

Now, if someone wants to write a book… anyone, even a child, can. All you have to do is create the file and upload it on one of the many services, such as Amazon’s “Create Space,” and voila! An author is born. Or is an author really born?

What is the definition of an author?

A. One who writes?
B. One is is published by the traditional means…publisher with a print product.
C. One who is self published with a print product?
D. One who is self published with a print and/or digital product?

Confusing right?

To add to the confusion we can include the caveat the author needs to sell books to be considered a published author. By selling I don’t mean to 100 of your best friends or manipulate the system, such as Amazon to spike sales at 3 PM in the morning, or offer the book for free on a slow day to become an Amazon best seller.

This is a hotly contested subject and I know many of my readers are self-published authors or those who aspire to be traditionally published at some point in their writing careers. I turned down a 4-book publishing contract in 1996 after I had successfully self-published said books and was happy not having to make 15% commission when I was making 100%. However, does that still make me a published author if I self-publish? I can’t join many of the professional associations because I am self-published however several of my authors, Susan K. Marlow is one, is part of these associations because I publish one of her books!

And so we go round and round and I’m sure you have an opinion, so let’s hear it!

Expert advice for anyone interested in writing a book. Felice is an author, speaker and consultant for aspiring authors. Felice has a weekly podcast on BlogTalk Radio for authors, Information In A Nutshell. Follow Felice on many of the social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or at her website

Free ~ 7 Steps to Writing and Publishing

Thanks to all of you who are interested in viewing the video on steps to writing and publishing. Due to a technical difficulty I’m directing you to this page instead.

Here you can download the audio and the handouts while my webmaster works pulling the video from my old website!

Thanks for your patience as we work through this issue.

Right Click and Save as for the Audio: HERE

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A Contest for Authors Hop On…

I’ve joined with a group of other bloggers to bring you this BLOG hop… in the process there are instructions in the post below about what I am specifically giving away. Want a one-on-one consult with an experienced author consultant? Well now is your chance! See how to enter in the post below and best wishes.

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About me:

Felice Gerwitz loves to be on the host side of the mic and has a radio show for authors at Writing and Publishing ( Felice is also the author and co-author of 19 books. She wrote Information in a Nutshell: Writing and Publishing and has published, Information in a Nutshell: Business Tips and Taxes for Writers.

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Carol Topp, CPA Cover Girl

Carol Topp, CPA graces the cover of Pen & Profits! This is especially exciting for me because I’m Carol’s publisher for the book, “Business Tips and Taxes for Writers.” I have to say, I’ve used this book myself and refer to it often when wondering if I should save a particular receipt or as a reminder that, yes, mileage is indeed worth tracking for business.

Carol has straddled both sides of the fence, as a self-publisher with her series on Micro-Business for Teens and now as a published author with Media Angels, Inc. Interestingly, Carol has shot a pilot for the PBS station in Ohio on the topic of Micro Business for Teens which is an amazing feat for a self-published author. I really think the lines have been blurred and self-publishing no longer has the same stigma that it did in the past.

Carol’s book on business and taxes has been selling like hotcakes on Amazon in the Kindle and print version; and the website Media Angels in various eForm versions, Kindle, Nook and ePub for iPad and iPhone. Truthfully the print version has outsold the eVersion which has been a surprise for me.

Here’s what I’ve found. The consensus seems to be that print products are purchased hands down for a book that will be a resource and fiction will be purchased in an electronic version over print because you only read it one time. I’m interested in your thoughts on this topic. Which would you buy a print or a digital product of a non-fiction book. A winner will be chosen at random to receive a  digital copy of your choice from one of the comments left below. So be sure to leave me your thoughts!


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Expert advice for anyone interested in writing a book. Felice is an author, speaker and consultant for aspiring authors. Felice has a weekly podcast on BlogTalk Radio for authors, Information In A Nutshell. Follow Felice on many of the social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or at her website

Going Viral in a Good Way

We’ve all seen the video that is lifted from obscurity to make the prime time morning show circuit. What is it that brings the masses and how can you, as an author, profit from this market? The process is really simple however the execution is what becomes difficult.

Here are the “Simple” Steps:

1. You create a video.
2. You post said video on YouTube, or GodTube  TalkFusion (or similar site).
3. You let your friends know.
4. They let their friends know.
5. The friend of a friend let’s his friend know.
6. Number 5 happens to the infinite power.
7. Said video goes viral.
8. You are invited to the morning news show circuits.
9. You sign a 6-figure book deal

Now for the not so simple execution of the fictional account above:

1. You create a video with the hope of going viral.
2. You follow steps 1 through 3 above.
3. You look at said video months later to find only 10 people or less have watched it.

So, what went wrong?

The idea of a viral video to those who market is to get sales. Let’s face it, the videos that go viral have no sales in mind. They are quirky, fun or just plain silly. There isn’t a marketing genius out there who has not analyzed and studied these videos in the hopes that imitation will yield the same results. And, some have come very close.

There is a bottom line and “secret” sauce here, the videos that go viral don’t mention the product. They entertain, delight, embarrass or wow the viewer. In other words they illicit a response. Recently while attending a family celebration at a friend’s home she had to share her latest YouTube find a video of a dog that appeared to be speaking to it’s owner. I watched her reaction as she watched it and she kept stealing sideways glances at me to be sure I was watching as well… she was just as amazed each time she viewed the video as the first time. Therefore, add engaging to the list above.

Let’s break this down, the video must be:
1. Entertaining
2. Delightful
3. Wow it’s audience
4. Engage

Sounds like Marketing 101.

Notice the video in question did NOT mention a product. It was purely entertainment. Perhaps my friend a dog lover, with a dog that often chews the legs of her furniture secretly (yes, I’m assuming here) hopes that someday her own pet will behave in like-wise fashion. Or, better yet, that someday she’ll own a dog like that. I’m not sure. What I do know is the million plus viewers of the video equally enjoyed the dog’s antics.

An engaging video allows the watcher to dream, aspire to an ideal, or secret inclination. It is the perceived value. For those who market directly the hope is to illicit a response from the buyer. The value may be to get thinner, think smarter or in the case of authors, convince a buyer to purchase their book!

That’s it, simple.

Create a video that allows those who watch it to see the perceived benefits of your product and there you have it, a million-dollar idea in the making. Easy? Not really. However it is worth a try!

If you have a great video that shares your product idea please post it here! Who knows we might help you go viral.

Expert advice for anyone interested in writing a book. Felice is an author, speaker and consultant for aspiring authors. Felice has a weekly podcast on BlogTalk Radio for authors, Information In A Nutshell. Follow Felice on many of the social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or at her website

Co-Authors and Contributing Writers ~ Ken Lambert

Guest Blog Post by author, Ken Lambert
Top Ten Most Influential Christians
How to work with a Co-author, and contributing writers
As the launch of our book, “Top Ten Most Influential Christians (since the Apostles)”, is nearly upon us, I have a few words of practical advice for any writer who is thinking about working with a co-author, or other contributing writers.
For a variety of reasons I decided that my best avenue to market (and to book sales) would be to work with an equal co-author.   After I had started an outline from my initial idea (a “Church History 101” for average churchgoers), I reached out to Abby Matzke.  Abby is the founder of a Christian magazine, and also writes and edits for the publication.  After some phone discussions, some email exchanges, and showing one another some of our published works, we both decided it was worth a try. 
We did sign a simple 1 page business agreement- which I would highly recommend.  It outlined the basic terms, including the fact that we were 50/50 equals on all decisions and in all fiscal matters.  Note that in some ways being a true “equal” can be dangerous in a partnership, but we took the chance and thus far it has worked out fine.
There are some reasons why working with a co-author is always a positive idea: 
  1. Brainstorming
  2. Initial first pass at editing
  3. Reduces the workload; divides in half

 In addition, if you are self-publishing, like we are, there are additional reasons, like:

  1. Doubles your potential sales, via their network and circles
  2. Lessens the upfront and other printing and publishing costs
But a fair warning:  having a co-author is not always a walk in the park.  You will not always agree, and you must be able to find resolutions and compromises at times.  In a manner similar to a marriage, two people will not think alike (or write alike) on every aspect- so there will be differences of opinion.  Whose opinion is correct, or most important?  How do disagreements get decided?  In our case, there were very few “battles”, and we managed to work it out fairly easily and quickly.  But, there were also a couple of anxious circumstances that would not have been the case if I had chosen to write it alone.
Another similar subject is that of infusing contributing writers within the book, which we did.  This was done for practical and marketing reasons, such as:
  1. Reduced the actual writing workload for Abby and I.
  2. Expanded the likely sales numbers via the friends, family and networks of those contributors
  3. Enhanced our book’s credibility, via selecting relevant and noteworthy contributing writers.  We are able to market that we have some significant “experts” in the subject matter- which in a nonfiction book is key
In using a healthy number of contributors, our roles shifted more towards compilation and editing than that of a true author.  That is good and bad, and we then had to deal with varying levels and styles of writing within the same book.  With more people to work with, there are inherent issues that will come up- as opposed to writing every chapter and paragraph yourself.
Overall, I am happy with the decision to both work alongside a co-author, as well as compiling other 3rd party contributing writers.  The pros have outweighed the cons, especially given the fact that I am a first-time (Christian genre) author, and am self-publishing.
The book is now available as an ebook ($4.95), and a print version ($9.95), via Visit our website at
Expert advice for anyone interested in writing a book. Felice is an author, speaker and consultant for aspiring authors. Felice has a weekly podcast on BlogTalk Radio for authors, Information In A Nutshell. Follow Felice on many of the social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or at her website