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Hosted by Nathan Kievman with LinkedIn

Felice Gerwitz publisher of the Information in the Nutshell Series and author of “Writing and Publishing” shares her presentation.

Five Secrets Every Author Should Know Before You Write the First Word

Authors and Writers work hard at their ideas, writing their manuscripts or blogs and then waking up to see that no one is reading their information or wants to buy their book! Join our guest, Felice Gerwitz, author and publisher of the Information in a Nutshell Series. She will discuss business tips, the importance of social media and give away some great books! She is giving away two special 30-min (can be an hour, your call Nate) consultations; and four copies of the books she’s published, “Information in a Nutshell: Writing and Publishing” and “Information in a Nutshell: Business Tips and Taxes” by Carol Topp, CPA. Felice runs a weekly broadcast and her blog for authors

Note: We will discuss the importance of LinkedIn for business connections and contacts and writing!

Carol Topp, CPA is currently working on a PBS special for kids on MicroBusiness she is the author of the Information in a Nutshell, “Business Tips and Taxes for Writers” and will present the second half of the webinar:

Five Secrets to Short Cut Your Record Keeping for Tax Benefits
Carol Topp, CPA is an author and more importantly a certified public accountant and has worked successfully in helping writers save time with their bookkeeping and record keeping with paperless transactions and short cuts. This session will reveal several of Carol’s key tips from her new book, “Business Tips and Taxes for Writers.”