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. Who Is Media Angels?

Media Angels, Inc. is a publishing company and home of quality non-fiction and fiction books for the Christian market. Felice Gerwitz is the President of Media Angels, and an experienced author, consultant, publisher and conference speaker.  Media Angels is a full-service publisher. If you would like to see our books in your local library, ask for it! We also serve nation wide chains and private bookstores across the USA. ** Please note: we are not seeking new authors at this time.

Owners of Media Angels® Inc.

Jeff Gerwitz, CEO
Jeff brings his talents as the owner of various business entities to play as the CEO of Media Angels, Inc. He and Felice have been married since 1979 and have five grown children and eight grandchildren. Partners in marriage and business the Gerwitz family keeps busy!

Felice Gerwitz, President
Felice is a creative, energetic, outside-of-the-box thinker. She is enthusiastic about this company which she founded in 1994. She is an author and hosts several podcasts and is founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network. Felice is a life-long Catholic Christian who loves and serves the Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Felice is a graduate of Florida Southern College. She is a former teacher with a degree in Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities and Early Childhood Education.

Felice has used her skills as a webinar host for a series of ongoing online sessions for the past nine years. She hosted the Ultimate Homeschool Expo which contains six-different events with various perspectives, available on the Media Angels store. She also hosts Vintage Homeschool Moms Podcast, A Few Minutes with God Podcast, Writing and Podcasting Advice and Podcast One More Child Podcast. 

There are no coincidences in life, so Felice believes it is by Divine Intervention that she publishes curriculum with a Biblical Creation focus and many other educational products. Felice currently hosts seminars for adults and her classes for kids are on her Media Angels Self Paced Classes page. Her wide variety of topics which include science as well as writing and publishing. Jeff and Felice believe the message of Biblical Creation is vital and are convicted that it should be a focus for homeschooled Christian families.

To contact Felice in regard to a submitting a work, please write a query letter first and send it via email: felice@mediaangels.com

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Not long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Felice Gerwitz. After that meeting, she had given me the opportunity to work with her as a graphic designer. With my previous experience in the newspaper industry, she was able to mentor me to become a confident book designer. Through the years that followed and the many books I’ve worked with her on, she has always been knowledgeable on the process. Her attention to details cover all aspects of bringing a manuscript to life as a published book.   It never mattered if her role was as a publisher or consultant to independent authors, her experience always shone through, treating each book as if it were her own.  Whenever I speak to people considering writing a book, Felice is the first person I recommend them to.

Robert W. Ahrens

Inspired Media Productions

Christina (Gerwitz) Moss

Christina (Gerwitz) Moss was home educated from K-12 and enjoyed the opportunity to learn at her own pace. She developed a love for diverse activities such as writing, reading the classics, teaching and working with the youth at church, participating in Archaeological and Paleontological digs, and SCUBA diving. Christina graduated in 2004 with honors from FGCU as a Communications Major with a minor in Anthropology. She received a scholarship to attend an archeological study group on the Island of Rotund, off the Honduras coast. She has been published in the FPEA Almanac, the FGCU student newspaper and various other publications. Christina is married to William Moss and they have nine children. Christina is homeschooling her children and therefore, she no longer accepts personal emails. To contact Christina, please send an email with a reference for her to: felice@mediaangels.com





Paula Stevenson

Paula Stevenson is author of “Secret Code Time: Creating an Unbreakable Bond between Parent and Child”
Website: http://www.SecretCodeTime.com
Connect on Facebook: ttp://www.facebook.com/paula.stevenson







Sky McNeill

Sky is the author of “Secret Code Time: Creating an Unbreakable Bond between Parent and Child”
Website: http://www.SecretCodeTime.com
Connect on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sky-McNeill/1379001899








Jill Whitlock

Jill Whitlock believed that evolution was the way life and the world began. She was trained as an evolutionist and worked as a geologist for 10 years after graduating from Texas A & M University. She worked as a Chief Well Log Analyst for the Rocky Mountain Region and as Senior Staff Exploration Geologist for an oil company in Denver, Colorado. Jill accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior in Dec. 1983 and began praying and studying about the creation vs. evolution question. The Lord was faithful and brought many people into her path who started her on the way to becoming a Flood Geologist and a young earth Creationist. Jill has spent over 12 years studying and compiling information on Creation Science.

Media Angels loses a dear friend and heaven gains an Angel!
Jill Whitlock, co-author, brilliant scientist, loving mother, and my good and faithful friend has died. On the evening of December 29th, 2007 our Lord called her home.