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Can Your KIDS defend the WHY?

Let’s face it, Christian kids are leaving their faith in droves despite all our best efforts. Until now! These novels teach truth, they teach justice and they TEACH children how to defend their beliefs. Now you can spark your child’s interest in Creation without even trying!

Using a “novel” approach your children will race through hundreds of pages of heart-pounding mystery, suspense, and edge-of-your seat adventure!

“We loved the novels and now this! The science-based novels come to life with  this easy-to-use literature study guide. This will be a help to the budding  writers in my home to study literary techniques in an unthreatening way. I can check for reading and vocabulary comprehension and then study the additional science topics explored in each novel! “
Kym Wright

Alwright! Publishing

Creation Science Series


Our science curriculum books focus on topics that teach your children the truth about God’s glorious Creation. And ways to defend it!   Our series was selected as one of the best 100-Curriculum Picks and again in her new 101-Top Picks by Cathy Duffy.  If you want a course in Creation Apologetics for kids, this is it!

About Our Books:
Why should you teach your children about Creation? Because everything else they read that is remotely science related teaches evolution as FACT. Shouldn’t your children learn there is more than one side to the story? Do you want your child to be informed? We do and we consider this our mission at Media Angels.

About the Study Guides:
These study guides include a readable outline of the main points in the Creation vs. evolution discussion, the major talking points you should know and ways to educate the children in these points with hands-on activities and experiments. This series isn’t a read-it-one-time and forget it! This series will be repeated again and again and is for K-12th!

“This series very much reflects what I think science education should look like with its combination of real books,
experiments, and other interesting activities that truly engage children in the study of science. “
Cathy Duffy

Author, Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manuals

Creation Science: A Study Guide to Creation!

Do you believe that God created all … what about the world? Do you think HE could have created the world as stated in the Book of Genesis. This book will answer those questions and so much more!  This is a study guide that will take you through the Bible as well as the factual information that is demonstrated by science that points to the hands of a Creator God.  No boring science here! Great hands-on activities that children love and they’ll actually remember what they’ve learned long after the books are closed. Read great books, demonstrate theories with activities and learn the joy of knowing our universe was created by an amazing God.

Completely re-edited with many pages added including lesson plansThis is written for all grade levels integrating all subjects. This includes outlines, activities, experiments, vocabulary, reading lists, math ideas, book reviews, reproducible sheets, and much more. This features a 31 page detailed teaching outline.   For 4th Grade and Up.


Creation Anatomy: A Study Guide to the Miracles of the Body!

The body is the most incredible of God’s creations! The complexity of even a single cell is amazing and points to an awesome Intelligent Designer, and His name is God!

Come study the wonderful systems within the body and learn that we are incredibly made. Learn how to refute the errors of evolutionary thinking. The complex body system defies Neo-Darwinian evolution. More and more scientists now realize that evolution just does not have all the answers. Shouldn’t your children understand why?

This study includes easy to follow lesson plans, a teaching outline for K-12, over 300 activities and experiments (including Francesco Redi’s experiment that proves life only comes from life!), the body systems, original research, human history, language information, vocabulary list, recommended reading (not necessary to complete this study), math activities, book reviews, reproducible sheets and much more!


Creation Astronomy: A Study Guide to the Constellations!

Want to refute the big bang theory? Here is the book that will help you do it!   The stars are a gift from the Lord that the enemy has stolen from us for too long. This book is a valuable teaching resource.

A wonderful study on the constellations! Includes easy to follow lesson plans, a teaching outline for K-12, star chart of the original 48 constellations, over 250 activities and experiments, vocabulary list, recommended reading (not necessary to complete this study), math activities, book reviews, reproducible sheets and much more! For parents of children of all ages! You can use this set again and again.    This includes levels for K-4th Grade and 5th-8th Grade.


Creation Geology: A Study Guide to Fossils, Formations and the Flood!

What happens when a well and oil geologist becomes a Christian and a Creation Scientist? She finds the Lord, decides to homeschool, and writes a study guide!  Okay it does not always happen in that order but when Jill Whitlock and Felice Gerwitz met, Jill opened a whole new world to Felice! The result is these study guides. This one especially is amazing since it is in Jill’s area of expertise.   This includes levels for K-4th Grade and 5th-8th Grade.  Click Here for Detailed Class Information.

“Flood geology comes alive with the 57-page teaching outline included. Jill has outdone herself in this comprehensive guide. This study includes easy to follow lesson plans for K-12, over 300 activities and experiments, information about radiometric dating, oil and coal formation and Geologic formations and fossils occurred during the time of Noah’s Flood, vocabulary list, recommended reading (not necessary to complete this study), math activities, book reviews, reproducible sheets and much more!” – Cathy Duffy, author Christian Home Educators’ Manuals


Creation Camp – Are you ready to host your own Creation Camp — at HOME?

  Each day you study one day of God’s amazing Creation! One Week of Full Activities or break it up into a longer period of time. Your choice.
Comes complete with all the instructions, a Kids’ book you may copy for multiple children, supplies that can be shared and a Teacher’s Instruction Manual.  Teacher’s Manual includes complete day by day instructions, reproducible sheets, and complete directions for each experiment, activity, and art project, and the answer keys!  Student notebook: Students receive a notebook with activities sheets, crossword puzzles, vocabulary games, word search, and a separate field guide book that they can put together and decorate.  Note:  This is a Digital Download.


Science Books

In this book, you will learn the general guidelines for preparing science fair projects, how to choose a topic for your project, how to make your project stand out amongst other projects, and how to record your endeavors. There are many helpful ideas in this book, including stories of science fair project failures from which you can learn. In addition, there are tables that include valuable helps such as a schedule for your science fair project, a checklist, a list of rules and guidelines, and (most importantly) a long list of both print and online resources to help you come up with ideas for your project.

This book is not only for students, however. If you are a parent trying to start a science fair for your local homeschool group, this book tells you what you need to know. There is a 15-point summary that lists all of the things you need to do to get a science fair started, a flowchart to keep you on track, and a series of tables that list the judging criteria.  If you want to create a winning science fair project or start a science fair in your area, I recommend that you start with this book.

“This is an invaluable resource to anyone who wants to learn how to create a serious science fair project. It is also a great resource for those who would like to organize a science fair for their local homeschool group. Mrs. Gerwitz has done a remarkable job of gathering all of the information that you need and putting it into one easy-to-read book.”
Dr. Jay L. Wile

Author, Apologia Science Books


A Best Seller! An Invaluable Guide!  A complete how-to-teach science guide covering all grade levels.  This book includes:

  • Proven ways to teach using science experiments
  • Scheduling science into your curriculum
  • Textbooks s. unit studies
  • Buying a microscope or telescope
  • Setting up a lab on a shoestring budget!
  • Many reproducible forms
  • Scientific Method explained
  • Resource list
  • Vocabulary
  • Field Trip Ideas

Features a science scope and sequence (what should be taught each year) for grades K-12. This alone is worth the price of the book.  Lab information for chemistry, biology and a physics lab along with many science book reviews, websites and science vocabulary.  A great book for the beginner or experienced home educator that wants to get excited about teaching science!

“Reading this book was like taking Felice Gerwitz home with me! She inspired me to include science experiments in my curriculum, which is almost a miracle!”
Homeschool Mom

from Virginia


Christian Books


In this fiction account, author, Felice Gerwitz shares a story about redemption and the power of listening to that small, still voice of God.

What if you dreamed about Jesus?  When is a dream not a dream? When you are living it day and night.
Joe Sullivan had it all, a vintage car waiting for him to turn sixteen, every electronic gadget imaginable and even a pesky, little sister, and parents who adored him. That was then. Now, almost sixteen he finds everything he loves stripped from him. Joe is living a lie and slowly dying inside. Skipping school and sneaking out at night is his new normal, until one fated evening.

He soon learns through a mysterious dream, also shared by his ten-year-old, little sister, Mary that they have been called on a mission. If they chose to say yes, there is no going back and their lives as well as anyone they encounter willing to take the challenge, will be forever changed. Only one thing stands in his way. His mom.

Joe quickly realizes that God doesn’t call the most equipped, but He does equip those He calls. In the silence, Joe finds peace with God. Joe makes an unlikely alliance with his little sister and together they forge a path through adversity, learning that miracles do happen in the strangest ways and finding that with God anything is possible!

“I am already heading into chapter five. And already God has been speaking to me. You see today my mom got the news she has cancer. And of course fear is your first emotion to come out. But our God is in control. So the first four chapters has been speaking to where we are in life right now. Looking forward to hearing what God has to say from here on. Thanks again.”
Reader Review


Do you sit at the side of a crib and wonder what your relationship with your child will be in years to come? Do you wonder what it will be like; will you have a communication relationship that has no boundaries? Or have the years slipped by too quickly, and you now feel like there is an impenetrable wall that goes up anytime you try to talk to your child?  Join this mother-daughter team as they recount hilarious antics and reminisce about heartfelt moments that forged an unbreakable bond that would last a lifetime. Come along on their journey, as they take you step by step in how to build a bridge of communication with your children from an early age and how to mend and restore a broken parent-child relationship.
“Secret Code Time is the account of the personal journey of one family that discovered the secret of communicating deeply, significantly, and honestly, without judgment or recrimination. But it is more than just a personal story; it also about applying biblical truths so foundational to healthy communication and stable family life. The Secret Code is about children unashamedly confiding in their parents with the assurance that they will be affirmed and loved. Instead of fearing rejection, disappointing their parents, and facing hurtful consequences, children will find a safe place and way to share their deepest needs. It all comes from parents learning how to build a strong relationship with their children. The principled process in the Secret Code will help parents to listen and respond from the heart and build hope and confidence in their children. For the health and stability of your family, especially your children, read this book.” 
Dr. Dominic A. Aquila

President, New Genea Theological Seminary

Character Counts ~ Three Character Planner For Kids – Awareness, Decisiveness, and Forgiveness


Character Counts ~ Patience, Justice/Honor, Thriftiness – Three Character Planner For Kids


This long awaited companion book of the Information in a Nutshell line is finally here! Authored by Carol Topp, CPA this short book packs a powerful message ~ Authors MUST know the business tips, strategies, bookkeeping and tax advice in order to keep those profits from their writing. Whether you are an author of a book, blog or magazine articles you will want to read this book from cover to cover.

Sample from the book – PDF
Table of Contents
Carol’s Website: www.taxesforwriters.com


Becoming a Published Author is Within Your Grasp!  What do you have in common with best-selling authors? Possibly much more than you know!   Are you passionate about your writing? Do you have an idea that may be the next best seller? Do you have a story that must be told? Do you aspire to share your experience or knowledge with others?

It took me over ten years to get my first book published, not because I didn’t have the desire, but because many books I read about the entire process left me feeling lost or overwhelmed. This book is easy to read and will give you a quick understanding with insider’s secrets and tips.   Don’t wait for ten years like I did! Discover today how to turn your ideas into a published book. Learn insider’s tips from successful published authors. Don’t wait another day.

This book will give you the tools you need to jump start your writing career.