Ultimate How To Homeschool Blueprint ~

Have you considered homeschooling but didn't know where to begin?

“Children are a heritage from the Lord offspring a reward from him.”

Psalm 127:3-5

What is most important? Curriculum?  Relationships? Or is there more?

Help is here with a veteran homeschool mom, Felice Gerwitz 
Join us for our Ultimate How To Homeschool Blueprint Boot Camp.

…only if you are really serious about having success in your home!


Insider’s Secrets to Success.

Put aside your concerns

Put aside the confusion over schedules

Put aside the fears of unsocialized kids

Put aside your worry that the children won’t get a good education

Now is the time to take action!


Here you will find:
Experienced homeschool moms and dads ready to help you!


It’s time to get your homeschool organized, scheduled and give you quality time with your children!

Here is how the Homeschool Blueprint works:

You will have access to a page filled with video, audios and so many resources that will help you with all of your most pressing needs. 

You will receive a host of videos and audios that will help you with almost any questions you might have from scheduling to organizing your day to great activities to do with your families and get them moving in a positive direction.

Bonuses include:

80+ page How To Homeschool Blueprint with printable forms & Homeschool bundles just for families on academic topics

But, there is more!

Power Homeschool Coaching Sessions

These live coaching classes were recorded for you to access on your own time. Questions such as building relationships with your children, how do you schedule, what works best in a busy household? These discussions are led by Felice Gerwitz who homeschooled her five children for over 32-years. Felice is an author, publisher and owner Media Angels and the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Questions? Felice and her friends are experts in the homeschool community. Ask us anything! Parenting, household struggles, scheduling, curriculum, college prep, etc. Join our Private Facebook Group. Homeschool Podcast Family! You will be welcomed with open arms! 

Receive Immediate Access:

How To Homeschool Blueprint Book by Felice Gerwitz

Included in this set is the homeschool blueprint guide, a manual to keep everything straight. This go-to reference and organizer contains ready to print forms. This book will contain step-by-step help on scheduling, planning each day, and must know important information. Your children will thrive and you will find your home running so much better than you ever expected.

Businesses run training seminars often and for very good reasons. The same can be said for homeschool moms and dads. We all need training from time to time. This set is just for you!

If you were purchasing each item individually it would cost upwards of $1000 – coaching sessions can be upwards of $100 each. But, God has put it on my heart especially in this time of crisis to help those who are currently homeschooling their children with the help of external schools, or a do-it-yourself curriculum selection. The attendee price is not $250, not $150, not even $100.

Limited time offer … all-inclusive.

$50 on sale for $20

Ultimate How To Homeschool Blueprint – For those who need information now on homeschooling with success.