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Character Counts ~ 12 More Pack Character Planners For Kids



Dive into Media Angels’ Character Counts Planners, your go-to for instilling essential Christian virtues in today’s youth. This set features 12 unique planners, each spotlighting a critical character trait such as Availability, Benevolence, Boldness, Compassion, Diligence, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Faith, Loyalty, Self Control, Tolerance, and Virtue. Designed with kids in mind, these planners seamlessly blend Christian values into daily life.

Peak Inside: Awareness Planner

Features of the Character Counts Planners:

  • Explore 12 Virtues: Each month, tackle a new virtue.
  • Ready in a Snap: Simply open, print, and start. These planners are set for immediate use, perfect for busy schedules.
  • Engaging Content: Filled with activities and prompts, each planner invites kids to deeply interact with the virtues. Through questions and fun tasks, they’ll see how these traits fit into their lives.
  • Age-Adaptable: Whether for a young learner or a teen, the planners adjust to suit different age groups. The content is clear, relatable, and engaging for all.
  • Lay a Strong Foundation: Beyond filling time, these planners build the groundwork for lifelong Biblical decision-making.

Give your child the gift of character education with Media Angels’ Character Counts Planners. They do more than organize schedules; they shape confident, compassionate, and responsible individuals. Open, print, go – and watch your child grow into their best self, one virtue at a time.

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Review of the Character Counts Planners

“Hi there! I’m a mom who teaches my kid at home, and I found something super cool called the Character Counts Planners by Media Angels. I just had to tell you all about them because they’ve made a big difference for us. So, these planners are all about learning good qualities like being patient, kind, and thankful. There are 12 of them, one for each month, and they focus on different good traits. The best part? They’re super easy to use. You just open them up, print them out, and start learning. It’s perfect for when we’re super busy but still want to learn something important.”- Nakisha B.