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Party Planner & Gift Giving Guide



Gift-giving is my love language! I love to think about special gifts to make or purchase for my family. In this eBook, I will share some of my tips with you! They include time
saving, budgets, organizing your purchases (this comes in handy at Christmas) and looking to the future when you run across a sale.

Regarding party planning — get a jump on the party by having a list of ideas and themes.Keep reusable banners on hand. Several that say Congratulations and Multi-colored “Happy Birthday” signs work well. Get the kids involved. They love to help with everything from the decorations to set up. Moms and Dads, put your perfectionism away, and let the kids help! No one expects to walk into a perfect party, and the crooked or badly colored signs and cards are always more touching than the store-bought.

Have a wonderful time planning your gift purchases and party planning!