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Premium Homeschool Bundle


Media Angels Premium Homeschool Bundle

You will receive the BEST motivation and inspiration from those who have successfully homeschooled their children.


Discover the Media Angels Premium Bundle!  


Enjoy the BEST and FIRST online conference at home! Seminars on organization, schedules, curriculum, homeschooling little ones to teens, household, and more. Download over one-hundred audios. You will receive the BEST motivation and inspiration by those who have successfully schooled their children at home and will inspire you to confidently homeschool your children.   

Ultimate Homeschool Expo
This conference is a mix of parents most who homeschool their children and professionals who have a heart for homeschool parents.  Includes over 100+ audio sessions and handouts.
Well Planned Day | Part of Premium Bundle

You’ve chosen your curriculum and you are ready or have already begun…and we are here to give you the energizing boost you need for those times when you need it! Scheduling, Planning, Avoiding last minute planning, training toddlers and school high school and everything in between! This is a great way to gear up for the best year yet.

Get ready to dive into the science behind creation…Find practical, real-life, proven tips, techniques for homeschooling your child with a creationist perspective! You will be blessed not only by scientists and educators but by homeschool moms, such as Felice Gerwitz, your host, who has studied the topic for years and designed curriculum around it.

The forgotten generation in the secular world, are ones we as homeschool moms feel are so special! Our teens are on the brink of the challenges of a world we would rather have them avoid. Now teens can come to their OWN special event just for them. Come as you are, you are welcome to join us–with open arms, no bullying here! Join like-minded Christians from around the USA and enjoy sessions just for you. As an added bonus moms will receive a pre-recorded set of parenting tips and bonuses. Information your kids wish you knew about talking to them, keeping their hearts tender and listening with open ears and an open heart to their needs!

Whether you have a child with special needs or a child that is gifted, or perhaps someone that is in-between this expo event is filled with hints, tips and methods to bring your homeschool to a new level. Learn ways to improve on teaching the reading, writing, and math as well as the subjects often forgotten such as science, history and art and music. What are proven techniques to deal with special needs issues or how can you learn along with your gifted child? These and many other topics will be explored by our wonderful hand-selected speakers of this set.

Scripture speaks about transformation in a way that is life-changing. Being homeschoolers we are changing the face of families, children, education, and ultimately creating a better world beginning within our OWN homes, first! This expo event will feature speakers who are world changers, and uncompromising in their Christian faith. They walk the narrow road and along the way have been called by the Lord to share their experiences in home education, teaching methods, management tips and more with you!

This conference is a mix of parents most who homeschool their own special needs children and professionals who have a heart for homeschool parents. This mix brings you the best of all worlds.  Ready to learn? Just jump in and enjoy all of the audio sessions and handouts. Enjoy the articles and handouts at YOUR convenience.
Proverbs is a PARENTING guide a guide for being a good son or daughter, and a wonderful way to encourage our homeschool children to look to the BIBLE for answers on the way they should act!  An Entire Christian BIBLE Study using the Book of Proverbs for the ENTIRE Family!  Includes study guide, separate audios for  young children, middle school children, and teens/adults.
Access to audios from the classic Ultimate Homeschool Expos. These are specially created bundles featuring topics and edited down for today’s busy listener. These will be updated monthly with new audios added as available.
“You keep challenging us in each session to hold each other accountable, and it is working. Our family is becoming kinder and trusting God.”


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