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Ultimate How to Homeschool Blueprint


Ultimate How To Homeschool Blueprint – For those who need information now on homeschooling with success. 


Are you interested in the most important aspects of homeschooling? The key to a happy home is within this set pulling from Felice’s thirty-plus years of homeschooling. You will find personal homeschool coaching classes, videos, interviews, and homeschool topics such as Using Tech in Your Homeschool, Having Time For Everything, Teaching With Living Books, How I Survived Homeschooling and so much more! Includes the 80+ page Homeschool Blueprint Manual.

Dive into the world of homeschooling with confidence with the Ultimate How to Homeschool Blueprint!

Whether you're just starting out or looking for ways to enhance your homeschooling journey, this comprehensive set is your key to unlocking a happy and successful homeschool experience. Drawing from Felice's wealth of knowledge gained over thirty-plus years of homeschooling, this blueprint is packed with invaluable insights and strategies.

Resources designed to guide you every step of the way.

Enjoy exclusive access to personal homeschool coaching classes, engaging videos, insightful interviews, and a wide range of homeschool topics that cover everything from integrating technology in your homeschool to mastering time management. Learn the art of teaching with living books, and gain inspiration from Felice's personal story of how she survived—and thrived—in her homeschooling journey.

But that's not all.

The Ultimate How to Homeschool Blueprint also includes an 80+ page Homeschool Blueprint Manual, a detailed guide filled with practical tips, lesson ideas, and planning tools to help you create a customized homeschool plan that fits your family's unique needs and goals.

With the Ultimate How to Homeschool Blueprint, you're not just getting a set of resources; you're gaining a partner in your homeschooling adventure. Prepare to transform your homeschool experience and create a joyful, enriching learning environment for your children. Start your journey today and see the difference a well-planned, inspired homeschool can make!