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Testimonials about Media Angels

“Felice is one of the best speakers, ever! I attended her workshop, purchased her book and read it immediately. She encouraged me to follow my dreams of becoming a published author. Not only that, after our initial consultation she offered me a book contract!”
Paula Stevenson

Co-Author, "Secret Code Time: Creating and Unbreakable Bond Between Parent and Child"

“I have published several of Felice’s articles while serving as the Editor-in-Chief for Homeschooling Today magazine. Felice is an accomplished writer and a favorite among our readers. She’s a joy to work with and quite accomplished in teaching through writing, as well as a great self-editor, simplifying our work to publish her articles.”
Jim Bob Howard

Editor-in-Chief , Homeschool Today Magazine

“Felice’s knowledge and connections have been a big help to me in getting my Bible timeline ready to publish.”
Scott Cully

“I have been working with Felice for several months now and I have found her to have the utmost integrity and is great to do business with. If you are wondering if you can trust her expertise, you can!”

IE Website Design

“Felice attended one of my LinkedIn webinars in the early part of 2009 and she and I began to exchange emails in August of the same year, and ever since, I’ve worked with Felice in some capacity of consulting or writing. Felice is the impetus I needed to turn my first eBook “Build Traffic, Generate Leads, and Create Massive Profits using LinkedIn” into what I believe will become an award winning book, published by a major NY publisher. Felice has worked alongside me, as an encourager, cheerleader, and when needed a content editor and ghost writer. Whatever the project, she has stepped up and over-delivered. I highly recommend Felice as a Literary Consultant, content editor, or ghost writer. If you are serious about seeing your book published, while working with someone that is enjoyable, professional and fun, Felice over delivers and gets the job done!”
Nathan Kievman

Founder & CEO, Corporate Social Media Solutions

On the Creation Series

“This series very much reflects what I think science education should look like with its combination of real books, experiments, and other interesting activities that truly engage children in the study of science. ”

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Cathy Duffy

Author, Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual

“Felice is an excellent author whose books truly are original. The science unit studies she co-authored are amazingly flexible. They can be used to design a complete course, or they can be used to enhance another course. It is rare to find an author who can produce such flexible, useful materials. In addition, her book, An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects, is not only an excellent resource for those wanting to do science fair projects, it is also an incredibly useful tool for those who want to start a science fair.”
Dr. Jay Wile

Author and Founder, The Apologia Series

“This is excellent material. Jill and Felice have hit the mark in scientific content and educational style. “
Dr. John Morris

Author and President, Institute for Creation Research

“What a team! Whitlock’s knowledge of creation is vast. Combine that with Gerwtiz’s winning format, and you get a truly Christian science guide book. …the reference outline (Teaching Outline) is fully Biblical and a pleasure to read. “
Mary Pride's Big Book of Learning


“I can’t thank you enough! Your science material is exactly what I have been looking for! Reading, vocabulary, worksheets that I can use to teach all of my children at once.”

from Orlando

“What a team! Whitlock’s knowledge of creation is vast. Combine that with Gerwtiz’s winning format, and you get a truly Christian science guide book. …the reference outline (Teaching Outline) is fully Biblical and a pleasure to read. “
Mary Pride's Big Book of Learning


“I read through the Teaching Outline. It is astounding. Never has real science made so much sense to me before.”

from Ft. Myers

“I can’t thank you enough! Your science material is exactly what I have been looking for! Reading, vocabulary, worksheets that I can use to teach all of my children at once.”

from Orlando

“Other science books I’ve read are like recipes, but the information in these books is presented very well. “

from Tampa

On the Truth Seekers Mystery Series and Literature Study Guides

“…This novel for preteens and young teens is exciting and action-oriented. I love the fact that this book is written by a homeschooled teen — for teens. I love the fact that Christina and her Mom Felice presented a Christian worldview; and outlined several key arguments for Creation and against Evolution. I love the fact that the main characters are two teenage children and their father; all of whom are Christians, pray frequently together, have a heart for the lost, and work together as a team to sole problems and get out danger. I am so glad I don’t find any hints of the romance, dating, or preteen social strata typical of this genre…. “
Amy B.


We just finished reading your book, Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak, and LOVED it!!!! What a blessing. My husband and I homeschool three boys, ages 14, 10 and 7, all with a passion for Creation Science. When I would have to stop reading for the day, they would beg me to read more. Thank you for your commitment to the truth and allowing God to use you to write this book. We look forward to purchasing more of the Truth Seekers Mystery Series books and telling all our friends about them. God is Good!
D. Froeschner

“…regarding the novels, I have great admiration for you and Christina to be able to come up with plots like that. They keep moving and have intrigue and adventure and unexpected twists! On the radio I heard a man who has written a novel about war with Islam say that novels are the best means of communication. I think I agree. I can see that many people who will not read much in non-fiction creationist books will read your novels. Not only will they learn detailed science information and contrasts between evolution and creationism, they will also begin to learn to think like creationists. “
Ruth Beechick

Author, Genesis, Finding Our Roots

“We loved the novels and now this! The science-based novels come to life with  this easy-to-use literature study guide. This will be a help to the budding  writers in my home to study literary techniques in an unthreatening way. I can check for reading and vocabulary comprehension and then study the additional science topics explored in each novel! “
Kym Wright

Author/Publisher, Alwright! Publishing

“We have been intently waiting for each of the subsequent novels in The Truth Seekers Mystery Series! Not only fun to read, this book includes all kinds of information refuting the theory of evolution. We are so excited you have now included study guides! These guides should be eagerly received by those who love to homeschool using real books. What a fun way to strengthen reading comprehension skills while encouraging further research! Because the scientific information in each book is presented in such an easy-to-understand manner we all learned a lot; but you have made further study even easier with the literature guides, and anything that makes my life easier is received with open arms. “
Pat Wesolowski

conference speaker and editor of Big Ideas Small Budget Newsletter, author of the Information Please and Co-oping for Cowards series

“…Also, I was impressed with your knowledge of Creation and deep sea diving, which is evident that it comes from firsthand experience. “

Homeschool Parent

“This book along with the series I think is great, easy exciting and Christian world view read for Upper elementary-Jr. High-level reading or a read aloud for the whole family. “
Kristin N.

from Tustin, CA

“…Too often, Christians can become fierce in their beliefs and not hear the other side. This book, and its characters show that an approach of kindness and patience is far more effective as a witness. People want to hear what we have to say when we honor their opinions enough to listen to them (even though we don’t agree). I think that this point alone makes it worth the $8.99.”

“…my friend and I love your mystery books! I have both of them and can’t wait for the third one. When is it coming out? I am going to get every one you write. …I am a Christian, and I also like reading about evolution vs. Creation debates. And on top of that, I love mystery books! This series is perfect for me! “


“…please do tell your daughter [Christina] that Alicia loved the book. Thank you both for writing it. My daughter loves science and loves reading. “


“Usually I can’t concentrate when I read my science books in school, but I have no trouble reading story books. These books are (a) great fun way to learn about Creation science. I have already learned so much. Thanks! “

from Florida

“I just finished reading your book this morning and it was great!!! I didn’t want to get out of bed until I was through. It was exciting and kept me hanging until the end. I just loved your book. I am a homeschooler too! “

Student, from Email

“I read through the Teaching Outline. It is astounding. Never has real science made so much sense to me before.”

from Ft. Myers

“…I read your book Keys to the Past: Unlocked. It was so good and exciting. It must be so rewarding to you to see your finished work!… “

Parent, from New York

“…I just read your books, and I enjoyed them very much. The Creation science evidence cited in the text was both relevant and interesting, and fit into the storyline nicely. I believe in the Young Earth Theory myself. I purchased this book for my church library and I know it will be a good addition to our collection! I look forward to reading future publications!”
'Mr. Johnson,

M.A. Archaeology

“Dear Mrs. Gerwitz, I just emailed your daughter telling her how much I enjoy the Truth Seekers series. My name is Brianne and I have been homeschooled all my life… I wanted to tell you also how much I love the books. They are adventurous and exciting, I was about to go to sleep last night when I was reading the 23rd chapter but I just couldn’t put the book down! Usually a book that thick would take me about 2 weeks to read but with the Truth Seekers books it only takes me about 3-4 days because they are so wonderful! I never knew that
Christians were so challenged with their beliefs on creation and evolution…Thank you so much for writing these books!… “


“Hi Felice, I emailed you a few months ago about how my son Samuel loved your books and couldn’t put them down. Well, I just wanted to let you know what has happened since. Your books have caused him to want to read more about creationism vs. evolution. He has recently been talking to some boys he knows that don’t know the Lord about evolution! He is currently reading Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation…We have creation books and videos in our home but nothing has inspired him to want to know more- until he read your books. Your books have inspired him. He even wants Christian logo tee shirts ( because Christian has them I’m sure.) Samuel is 12. Not only have you inspired him to study creation science but you have also given him a hero to admire and strive to be like – Christian. [Editors note: Christian is the name of one of the characters in the book series.] We look forward to the next book. P.S. After Samuel read them he insisted that Dan and I read them too. Well, I must confess that there was a night when I couldn’t close the book because I had to see if they were going to get eaten by alligators. My husband has also enjoyed the books.Your books are fun to read and good for you. Now that is a winning combination! “

from GA

“One day in 2011 I read The Truth Seekers series. When my mom told me how that series had been written by a teen and her mom, I was greatly inspired. I hadn’t read a book that was written by someone close to my age ever before, and I was awed that I never noticed the difference in the age of the author. I have always loved to write, but I never thought it could amount to anything. I am just a teen, after all. What could I accomplish?  I think I read The Truth Seekers series about twice, and I couldn’t help thinking each time I read those books: ‘Wow. Someone really just followed their dreams here and took a step. I wish I could do that.’  I finally decided to try it. Now, I had been writing for many years, but I almost NEVER finished anything I started. For a year and a half I worked on my novel, and got help with my novel, and now, finally, it is published. But that would not have happened if I hadn’t found inspiration from the Truth seekers.”
Hailey Woerner

from Forest, VA