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Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network 5th Birthday
Promotion Opportunities for Advertisers

To meet the needs of homeschooling families, we are looking for products and services that are exciting, unique, and of interest to the homeschool listeners of our podcast network to promote with sponsored post and giveaways during our 5th birthday celebration.

Our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network currently has 19 active podcasters with individual shows for homeschooling families with an average of over 110,000 downloads a month.

In the past we have had sponsors such as: Sony Pictures (Movies: Smurfs the Lost Village, The Star Movie, Ice Dragon: Ledgend of the Blue Daises , Like Arrows , and Miracle Season), Elephant Learning, Heirloom Audios, Kiwi Crate, Raddish Kids, Well Planned Gal, and many more!

Act now while we offer these special promotion packages – this is the perfect time to reach our highly targeted audience and increase your profits.

Sponsorship Packages

Closing September 15th, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Birthday Celebration?

We will be running the birthday promotion throughout the entire month of October.

Will we receive emails of all giveaway entries if we participate?

Due to GDPR and our privacy policy, we are not able to give the emails of the participants in this promotion.

What kind of graphics do I need to provide?

Once you have purchased your package, we will send you an email with a deliverables list of graphics for your specific ad spots.  We will need your graphics and deliverables by September 26th.

Is there a minimum value on the giveaway donation?

Yes, we require that the product be valued at $50 or more in value.

Who will write the blog post and how long will it remain on the UHRN website?

We would expect you to write a blog post about your product/company/services and we will add a rafflecopter on our website for the giveaway.  After the giveaway period is over, the blog post will still remain on our website with the information you have provided us.

Can anyone advertise?

Media Angels, Inc. reserves the right to refuse and refund any sponsorship request that is not applicable to their Christian homeschooling audience, and offers no comment or reason when refused.  If you are unsure if you are eligible, you can email felice@mediaangels.com to discuss your concerns.